WOOF is a smart pet collar app built for lost dog emergencies, analyzing activity to help you become a better pet owner.


UX | UI | Prototype


Figma | Ps | Ai

Project Duration

1 Week

My connection to animals has always been strong and as I grew older, so did my love for them. In the city where I live, Tel Aviv, there are many dogs and unfortunately, there are also quite a few unpleasant stories about dogs that are stolen or lost. This is precisely why I decided to design an application that will help pet owners to keep track of their pets and also help them understand how the dog is feeling at any given time.

The Concept

Create an application whose entire purpose is to be the "pet center", where the pet owner can know at any given moment where their pet is and how it is feeling, read articles and studies about their pet type, and create a daily schedule with a notification system so as not to forget trips, shots, or feeding times, etc.

A shopping center where the user can check on services for their pet - from toys and food to a veterinarian and haircut services. And finally, it was also important to me to create a service that creates matches, both for pets and for pet owners - a win-win situation.

App Goal

Create an application that can give an indication of the pet's condition at any given moment and provide services that make the pet owner a better caretaker for their pet.

The Problem

Inability to analyze the pet feelings.

Lack of websites or apps that unify a variety of services for animals.

Difficulty to find a good playdate for a dog, especially when it comes to ensuring enjoyment among the dogs.

Difficult to find a lost animal, and there are often limited options for its discovery.

The Solution

The smart collar takes measurements from the dog, and the app analyzes the dog's feelings.

A services page that brings together all the services the animal needs: haircut, food, toys, vet care, boarding houses, and more.

A smart system that creates a match between similar dogs based on size, weight, breed, and other characteristics.

A GPS sensor that shows the location of the collar on a map and an option to activate a speaker that warns that the pet is lost with an option that gives people near the animal the ability to contact the pet owner.

Competitor Research

Since I don't have a pet, I conduct interviews with pet owners to better understand their daily routines. I want to know how having a dog affects their lives and habits. Through this interviews, I learned what features to include in the app and how it should be structured.

Checking for similar or competing apps helped me understand more about the specific world of content that is available and, therefore, what 'must' be included in the app. This part of the process was inspiring and also challenged me to find areas where I could make improvements to my app.

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