Schedo is a smart task management and data analysis system for businesses.


UX | UI | Prototype



Project Duration

1 Week

I used to run a small e-commerce business and I felt that with better data analysis and a system that helps me manage my tasks more effectively,
I could have taken my business to greater heights. That's where Schedo was born, right out of my pain point.

The Concept

To create a modern and clean design, as minimal as possible that gives space to the displayed data and does not create a visual load for the user’s.

App Goal

Helps business owners maximize revenue and operate the business more effectively, including character and behavior analysis of users.

The Problem

Lack of data and data analysis.

Tracking the expenses and income of the business in an efficient way.

Monitoring user reviews and analyzing user behavior.

The Solution

A smart system that provides data analysis services using the most advanced technology tools.

Income analysis options in resolutions of days, weeks, months, or years.

Creating a profile for each user and analyzing the user's character based on variables such as age, time of purchase, products, location, and more.

Interviews and Competitor Research

I interviewed 12 small business owners to understand their behavior and methods of operation, then I gave them a questionnaire with 15 questions to understand their pain points and adapt the system to their needs and the needs of the business.

The conclusions were: the dashboard should have current data on the business, such as expenses, revenues, visits, data on sellers, and meeting schedules. It should also have a screen that allows the business owner to make analyses and comparisons with other periods, and an option to analyze the nature of user purchases.

UI Design
Final Screens